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"A place from which one's strength is drawn, where one feels at home,

the place where you are your most authentic self."

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and change the World



Get introduced to other travelers

You can find other travelers with our help.

In our forum you can exchange experiences about different countries or cities.

You don´t have to buy a travel guide, just look for someone who has been or lived in this country before and ask him/her whatever you want.

So if you want to emigrate to another country, you can find the right contacts here to be prepared.

Why should I join?

If you want to connect with people around the world that are interesting and creative people who love's our environment, traveling or creating something new, then join our community.




"We’re not only here to post pictures on Instagram and show people our Youtube videos. Both of us want to change something into good. Support our environment. Help others to escape from normal course of life, start to get back to the roots and enjoy life in a totally different way."

Lisa Theres


What we do for our home
Planet Earth!

♥︎ We  spend  10% of the yearly income to non profit organizations

♥︎ We invest in environmentally friendly technologies!
The goal of automatic technologies is, to help everyone to produce or grow the most important

basics that we need to life, by their own.

♥︎ Our products are made environment and & human friendly!

We are proud to tell you that the products from our fashion online shop are certified. And your product

will be manufactured right after your order.

♥︎ We share the beauty of our world!

With our Cinematic Travel Videos, Vlog's & Article's we are sharing inspiration, love and the beauty of our planet to show how important the preservation is. And we also created a Forum where people

with the same vision and mindset can help each other!

In short, our vision is to live in harmony with nature without compromise.

Who We Are


Dyre España

Dyre Jean Pierre España was born on the 28th of July 1985 in Guatemala City and was raised in Vienna, Austria.


Some of Dyre Jean Pierre España experiences can’t be taught in school. When he was 3 years old his parents took him around the world. During the numerous journeys, he saw many impressive things like old rituals and ceremonies of different cultures, which are extinguished nowadays.


This beauty of our world has inspired him to find these jewels on our earth, like landscapes, people, stories or cultures. All of these things ware worth being documented, that’s why he started an education in film and animation, while he was discovering his passion for photography. 


Experiences and memories are our most important influences. Experiences define our character and memories can be captured forever through pictures and videos. He inherited his passion for photography from his mother.


The technical standpoint, the craft, and art behind moving pictures have always fascinated him. He always wanted to get into the Film industry because it has created so many beautiful, hopeful and emotional moments. He also knows that you can always learn something new in this field and that, over time, things develop on their own.


Passion, always open to something new and hard work, are his philosophy.

Lisa Theres

Lisa was born in Austria, on the 12th December 1996. She was raised in lower austria where she spent her whole adventuresome childhood.


Long hikes, cold skiing days, extensive splashing in different rivers and building igloos…young Lisa always new how to employ herself in the nature. But not only her employments, also her hobbies are varied.


When she was about 6 years old, she started writing short stories, screenplays and books. Lisa loved writing since the beginning and never stopped practicing it. Many literary works came in existence. With 8 she started to dance at a professional dance school, where she and her team took part on many gigs and championships. She decided to visit a sports school after elementary school. Sports was always a big part of her life, but after years and years she got more and more interests. After that she started playing guitar and discovered her passion to sing. So after finishing the lower school she visited a school for music and pedagogy. There she improved her guitar skills and learned how to educate and raise children.


But what job does she have? Did she get an author, tour guide, dance teacher or nursery teacher?


None of that. Lisa never wanted to establish and stop learning. So she applied for a job at the veterinarian where she got trained to get an animal care taker. It was, and still is, challenging, demanding, and more interesting than anything else she learned before.


Music, photography, nature, philosophy, gaming, creativity, sports, animals… Lisa had, and will always have, a lot of interests. But the most important thing to her is her family and living life with passion and fun.