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After releasing our first Cinematic travel videos, we got asked a lot about which equipment we are using. That's why I decided to give you a small overview of our favourite products and their alternatives. 

If you are also a travel vlogger or blogger, photographer or filmer, feel free to comment your experiences down below and lets exchange!


The two most important things for your Vlog setup is a good focus and lightning and the perfect microphone. To me, the sound is the most important thing, because vlogging is about sharing experiences and talking about them. So what did we use for our Vlogs?

Set up 1: The DJI OSMO - iPhone Combination

I was able to shoot amazing scenes with this combination, but: it takes a bit to get started. You have to balance the DJI mobile, turn on the microphone and put your phone into the right angle. Plus: three devices need to be loaded, and you need a lot of disk place on your phone to get over the day. To me, its the perfect set up (without a microphone) to take slow surrounding shots. But when I want to vlog, I don't want to build up everything for a view minutes; I want to start right away. That's just my opinion and my preferred workflow. 

Set up 2: The DJI Pocket

This little thing is the revolution of vlogging. The DJI Pocket is super small, quick to use, and does not take more place than a regular smartphone. The only thing I would love to improve is the microphone. Apart from that, it's easy to use and absolutely worth a try.

Set up 3: Digicam and Microphone

The Former vlogging set up, which is still a great way to vlog. There are many ways to combine Digis and microphones, but our favourite is the handy SONY DSC-HX90. With its hinged screen, it's easy to switch between vlogging and catching scenes from your adventures. In combination with, for example, the rode microphone, you are ready to go!


Drone shots increased in popularity, and you nearly can't make a cinematic travel video without one! These kind of scenes are something special and allow us to see what we would never be able to. Just remember that you have to inform yourself about different countries and their laws before you get started. There are many Drones on the market, but our favourite manufacturer is DJI.

They have many different models, but we decided to take one of the smallest ones they have.

The DJI Mavic air:

We took this small fighter because travelling with a big drone is pretty hard. Plus we also wanted to keep the weight of our camera bag as low as possible. The smaller the drone, the smaller the problems I guess ;-) For its size, this drone is truly amazing. We only decided to buy a view PolarPro ND-lenses for lighter places to avoid overexposure. You attach them to your drone cam, and you're ready to go. This combination was perfect for us and our project.

3.Action Cam

You are a true adventurer and want to show your followers your crazy activities? Make sure to take an action cam with you, to protect your main cam from external influences. This camera type gives you, like the drone, the possibility to film new scenes you can't catch with a regular camera. Going underwater, trekking trough sludge or building an igloo - this camera makes it possible without breaking after a view scenes. 


The most popular action cam. If you want professional material,

this brand is the right one for you.

I've made videos with the elderly models from them and already felt in love with these. 

2.DJI Osmo Action Cam

This significant competitor made it to stores last year. We haven't tested it yet but wanted to mention this alternative cam here.


This camera is the perfect alternative for low budget vloggers, who still want to take underwater scenes and more adventurous scenes without using the main camera. For its price, it's definitely a good action cam. I have tested it in Egypt, underwater and on a quad tour through the desert. If you don't want to spend too much money on your action cam, you should give it a try.

4.Cinematic Shots

The high-class equipment for advanced vloggers and amazing photographers and filmers. If you don't want to be a 0815 vlogger, you are already into cinematic scenes. Because these kinds of shots, let our hearts pump faster, our eyes stare, and gives us Fernweh. For our cinematic scenes we have this following set up:

1.The DJI Ronin-S and Sony A7 III collab

To guarantee smooth and steady pans, you should use a stabilizer for your camera. Nothing is more annoying than having shaky scenes which are amazing, but you can't use them. For that, we have used the fantastic DJI Ronin-S. To be honest: I am not able to hold this whole set up for longer than a view minutes, because its heavy. But I could not imagine shooting without it. Your shots look way more professional than before, and it also has a lot amazing futures like doing Time lapses, Hyper lapses and Multipixel Photographs.

My amazing cameraman and partner who

is a professional photographer and filmer decided to buy the Sony A7 III. Instead of buying super expensive lenses he decided to buy a Converter ( SIGMA Mount Converter MC-11) to put different lenses on the camera. We travelled with these two lenses: Sigma art dg 20mm 1.4 and the Canon Zoom Lens EF 70-200mm. There are - of course, way better but also way more expensive ways to combine, but we loved this set up for our trip to Indonesia!

5.Storage (Bag and Backpack)

Don't save money when it comes to the right storage of your equipment. Nothing is worse than breaking something during transport. I would recommend you to buy a professional camera bag or backpack, which is padded, waterproof, comfy and in a covered colour like green. There are many possibilities and many fantastic manufacturers. We decided to buy the Gitzo Adventury Backpack. They have a few different models, which are perfect in colour, comfort and padding. We were delighted with this brand.

6.Back up

After we came back from our daily adventures to our Airbnb, the setup time started. Which means: Take out the memory cards from your devices and save them on an external disk. For that, we took our Macbook with us and the LaCIE disk. This Disk is not without a good reason, the most frequent traveller gadget. It's fast, has a lot of disk place and is very robust -everything you want from an external disc :-)

You should take the Back up seriously; it's super frustrating to lose memories and shots from your trip. 


After you took your amazing shots, its time to make a video! For our digital post-processing, we are using only Adobe programs on our Macbooks or iPad.


For cutting my vlogs, I'm basically using Adobe Rush. It's super-fast, super easy and definitely enough for cutting a vlog. Shorten scenes can be done in seconds and its also possible to add effects, transitions, emoticons, texts and music. But still in a clear and straightforward structure. I think you don't need any knowledge to use this application, open it and you are ready to go.

Cinematic videos:

For our amazing Cinematic travel music videos, we are using the standard tool Adobe Premiere Pro. It works like Adobe Rush, but way more professional and more precise. You already need to know what you are doing. Knowledge of the program and professional cut should be there. This Programm makes nearly everything possible if you are using it correctly.


For editing our Pictures, we are only using Lightroom from Adobe. We are not really into Photoshop and modify reality. Our point is to show the real world, real people and authentic experiences, not a perfect Instagram world. 

Enjoy your day!



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