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Home. Where it all started.

When I think about Austria I see green endlessly woods, crystal clear water flowing through a river, pasture landscapes with cows and flowers and variety in everything that exists.

I've seen many countries and cities, but none is like Austria. I know that everyone has a special relationship with his/her home country, but I can say that I wouldn't have picked another place to grow up.

I can remember our long skiing trips. We slept in our caravan, played all night long in the snow and we drove the runway up and down several times. We also built igloos and racetracks for our sledge. You can imagine how soaked our ski suits where every day after playing. Even though I love skiing, ski hut time was my favourite. I always got a hot chocolate, a pancake soup (is this the English translation?) and the biggest doughnut they had. I love these memories.

When the snow melted, hiking time started. Hiking seems boring to many many people out there. But not for me. There's no better feeling than standing on top of a mountain after hours and hours of walking and climbing, to finally see the mountain view. From high above everything just seems so small and unreal. But what makes it really special for me, is seeing how big and beautiful our planet is. Standing on the mountaintop makes you proud of yourself because you came all the way up, it makes you feel free and you can see places, animals and plants you have never seen before. Even though it can be exhausting as hell, it's definitely worth it.

Nearly my whole childhood took place outside, as you probably already perceived. And that's why Austria got so unique for me. You just want to stay outside, because there are so many places you want to see and discover as a kid, that you don't want to stay inside. And my parents usually didn't need to worry when I was with my sibling or friends. Because except the natural disaster and the traffic is nearly nothing to be scared of. You can just be you, be free and enjoy your surrounding. I'm glad that I was allowed to have a childhood like that.

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And last but not least: I collected a few pictures for you which I've made years ago to give you a small impression of our hiking tours. Enjoy :-)

Lots of love, 💗


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