Home remedies: Cold & Flu Prevention Tips

As the wintertime comes, comes the time of runny noses and colds. 😷Instead of taking pills, you could also try some Homemade cold and flu prevention tips first!

1.Tip: Drink!

The most important thing to get better soon is enough liquid. You should drink at least 1,5 litre of water or herbal tea a day.

-When you have a fever, your sweating and your body loses a lot of water 🤒

-Irritating mucous membranes get soothed 🤧

2.Tip: Lime and Ginger Tea with Honey

Brew yourself a ginger and lime tea with a spoon of honey. This helps you, especially with sore throats and infections.

This mixture has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and helps you to strengthen your immune system.

3.Tip: fresh air

Everyone knows the scenario: You're laying in your bed or your couch, unable to move or breath trough your stuffy nose and the air is getting stuffier. But fresh air is essential for you to recover!

The best way to get some fresh air would be to go on a walk. If you're unable to do that, or no one could help you and accompany you, you should at least ventilate the room you are in. Just be sure to stay warm and cosy and don't let the window open for too long.

4.Tip: Bath or feed bath

Another great way to get rid of an infection is a good warm bath.

But only if you don't have a fever! Otherwise, you could lose to much water again and feel dizzy.

Make yourself a bath with around 35-38 degrees and use it for about 20 minutes. You can also add some essential oils or bath essences to feel better!


The classic chicken soup should not be missing, of course. The Chicken gives you protein, the soup is perfect for getting more liquid, and if you add some salt, it has an appetizing effect.

6.Tip: Inhale

Put a pot with water on your cooking plate and inhale the steam. You can add different essential oils to help you get a free nose and soothe your mucous membranes. Edible essential oils would be for example thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree oil or just herbal tea.

7.tip: eat vitamin c

Vitamin C is good for your immune system and helps your body get better faster.

The following foods will help you: Apple, pineapple, cauliflower, pepper, broccoli, garlic.

8.Tip: Onion

Onions also have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and can be used in the soup, fried or as a wrap.

9.Tip: Horseradish or chilli

Do you have a stuffy nose? Use horseradish or chili in small quantities to clear your nose.

10.Tip: Hygiene

Wash your hands regularly and adhere to stricter hygiene measures. That means wash your face frequently, dispose tissues immediately and disinfect your smartphone and co.

11.Tip: Wraps and envelopes

Yeah Yeah, I know.. sounds like granny came to make you feel better again. But those things actually work! Use the classic wraps with onion, potato or quark to make you feel better.

-Onion is perfect to use for an ear infection, just put roasted or warm onion in a sock or cloth and hold it on your ear.

-Use a warm potato wrap when you have sore throat. Grate a potato and make it warm. Put it into linen or towels and wrap it around your neck.

-Quark can be wrapped around your calf, to cool you down when you have a fever.

12.Tip: heat or herbal patches

Do you have tension? Use herb- or warming patches to relax the affected areas!

Here are some suggestions:

You can leave them up to 24 hours!

You tried your best but don't feel better after over 4 days? Please go to a specialist and get help! Even though colds can be treated by yourself, sometimes you sadly still need professional help to get over it.

Get well soon! 🏃🏼‍♀️



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