Homeoffice: Create the perfect workplace

More and more people are already working from home. Many jobs allow you to earn money within your own four walls. The only requirement besides a specific education is a laptop. But working from home is more than just sitting in front of your computer in your living room. If you want to do it professionally, you should set up your own office at home. Good lighting, a pleasant atmosphere, and the perfect chair are not the only things you should consider.

Go through this checklist to create the perfect home office of your dreams! 🤓

1.the perfect room

At first, you need to decide which room you want to use for your office. If you're lucky, you may have a separate room where you can create your office. If you can use a whole room, do it!

But if you're in a small apartment, maybe you need another solution. You can still use a small part of another room, like the living room.

Go through your apartment and check your available rooms.

Which one has the most natural light? Where are the most outlets? And where is enough place to put a desk, a chair, and an office cabinet? 🗄

You found your perfect spot, or already have a hole room ready to start? ✅ Go to the next step!

2.Wall And Pictures

The standard office room is white. But before you put in your furniture, be sure about the wall color!

A decent or harmonizing color also fits great into a home office and makes the room come alive.

Pastel tones, light green, or another color on one or maybe two walls could make you feel more comfortable at your working place.

When you are sure about that, don't forget to hang up some motivational quotes, beautiful nature photographs, or a beautiful clock to decorate and inspire you! 🖼

When you did that, the room looks less cold and depressive, and you will work more comfortably and more motivated when you start in the morning.

Remember: Home office can be hard sometimes, cause you are your boss and no one tells you when you need to start. The more inviting the room looks, the better it is! 😌

3.Office Cabinet

Help yourself to stay organized! 📚

A big and open cabinet is perfect for your home office. You know and see everything you need, and nothing can get lost.

A good recommendation would be the model "Kallax" from IKEA. Its cheap, open, and available in different colors.

You can also get some storage boxes that fit into the office cabinet. The more organized, the better!🗃


Of course, you're going to need a desk to work on. Don't start to work on your couch with your Pc on your lap. Once in a while, your back or neck will begin to hurt badly. 👩🏼‍💻

Decide: Which size should the desk have? Should it be a simple one or with drawers and co?

I would recommend buying a cheap desk, and instead, save the money for the most important object, the chair.

I didn't even buy a real desk. I used a wooden plate we already had at home and bought four office table legs at IKEA.

Costs: 8$. Cheapest office desk ever! 😄


One of the essential things when you're sitting in front of the pc for a while. Don't save at the office chair.

There are a ton of office chairs on the market and it's not so easy to find a chair that is still comfortable after sitting on it for over six hours. The chair has to be well padded, good for your neck and back and easy to handle.

You should also pick a pleasant fabric and a model with great chair castors. To me, the best office chairs are gaming chairs! I mean, it's obvious that people who play on their chairs overnight only use good ones right? You won't find a more relaxing and greater chair than that.


A goof light is also essential for your working place.

Check out the following things:

How strong is the ceiling light?

From where does the daylight come from, and how long does it stay in the room? ☀️

The more daylight the room has, the better. Natural daylight is better for your eyes and your well-being. To work without enough light is definitely bad for your eyes and lead to tension.

So think about getting a desk lamp. 💡

There are different types of light colors and lamps. The best ones for your home office are the neutral or daylight-white lamps.

You should definitely avoid desk lamps which have a colder or even blue light.

7.Computer and supplies

If you don't already own one, it's now time to get a Pc or laptop. 💻

Buy a Pc when you are sure you're only going to work from home, and won't need your stuff on the go. Otherwise, you should purchase a laptop to work. Decide if it should be a windows or apple operating system and compare different models and stores.

Don't forget to get an external hard disc when you're working with big files.If you are a laptop user, look at those fantastic items I am using since months and don't want to miss:

Laptop Stand

Keyboard with ankle support


Do you need a printer or scanner to work? Inform yourself how much the ink costs before you buy a printer! The ink, in sum, is the most expensive part of a printer.


Yes. Green, fresh, and beautiful plants. 🌿

If its a small palm tree, a cactus, or a banana tree- treat yourself with an office plant.

Because according to a study, plants make people happier and more productive. 💪🏼

Plus, they also ensure sufficient humidity, filter pollutants, and have a sound-absorbing effect. Enough arguments to get an office plant?

I think so.

9.Basic Stuff

The last things you need for your perfect home office are the basic office supplies. 📎

Write a list of your most needed products and fill your drawers up!

You can also use our Home office Checklist for the office supply store. ✅

Enjoy your office,


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