Must-See: Bali Edition - Part 1

Bali has a lot of beautiful rice terraces, temples, and hot spots around the whole island. Even though we stayed for about one month, we haven’t seen everything from our Bucket List. If you want to see as many places as possible, you should stay at least 4 weeks. The best time to visit those places is either as early or as late as possible. Otherwise, it might happen that you'll meet amount of other tourists.

I made two lists of my top 7 hot spots on this beautiful island, most of them are really cheap. This is the first part of my list, which includes already many great destinations.

7. Rice terraces:

Bali is known for its large number of rice terraces. The more you drive into the north, the more you will see. You can either visit places like the Tegallalang rice terraces, where you can buy the expensive Luwak coffee (please inform yourself about how this coffee gets produced!) or use a swing to fly over the whole terraces. Places like these might be lovely, but they are too touristy for us. The other option is to drive to the north and visit whole landscapes full of rice terraces. Of course, you need to be careful and don't step right into them. But when you're careful and respectful, you can also meet lovely Farmers. Seeing people working in these conditions should let us think about how hard life can be for others. Rice is something normal for us; we can buy it at our supermarket for less money. But for those farmers, it means a lot of hard work and less payment. I have great respect for every farmer who spends his whole life to feed others.

6. Sacred Monkey Forest:

If you are into little adventures and cheeky fellows, the monkey forest is the right choice for you. Just make sure you have nothing edible in your backpack, I speak from personal experience. Because otherwise, it can happen quickly, that you have a monkey on your shoulder which tries to open your bag. And if they don’t get what they want, they can start biting and attacking you. 4 Monkeys tried to climb up my legs at the same time! Beyond that, I promise, this is a beautiful place. Everywhere it

shines in green colors, and if you listen carefully, you realize that the whole forest is alive. From birds, monkeys and splashing water, all the way to gentle breezes and the rustling of leaves. This forest is truly amazing. Apart from that, you can find majestic sculptures, unique temples, and a bridge made of stones. The perfect place for adventurer and photographers who love taking animal shots. Some monkeys start to pose when you unpack your camera. The monkey forest is truly a must-see!

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5. Pura Tannah Lot Water Temple

After our first night in Canggu, we decided to rent two motorcycles and drive to the Pura Tannah Lot Water Temple. The ride took us longer than we thought, so we arrived a few minutes before sunset. We had luck because the ebb allowed us to go on a beautiful stone beach. Otherwise, we couldn’t even reach the temple. It was a magical sunset with a unique atmosphere which made everyone hold on for a second. At the moment the sun went down, all the tourists stopped talking and enjoyed the colors. In front of the temple, we saw a lot of sellers who offered sarongs, food, and souvenirs. I was also able to experience one of my Bucket list goals. I took a picture with a giant snake, which is one of my favorite animals. So if you want to spend a magical afternoon, don’t forget to visit the Tannah lot temple!

Pura Tannah lot

You wan't to know my top 4? The second part will arrive shortly.

Enjoy your trip,

much love 💗