Must-See: Bali Edition - Part 2

Bali is a beautiful island with many places to visit. This is the second part of my must-see list. Haven’t you read the first one yet? Click here.

4.Natural Hot springs, like Air Panas Banjar Hot spring

Air Panas Banjar

Are you looking for a place to relax and turn on your vacation mode? Then at least one hot spring water temple should be on your list. Most pools have a temperature of around 38 degrees. This temperature is perfect for activating the healing process. But the most relaxing part is to stand under a stone shower to get a massage. Around the main pools, you'll find palm trees, innumerable flowers, and places to rest. Be sure to visit these temples on a colder day, to avoid circulatory problems and take enough water with you. We spend one afternoon at the Air Panas Banjar, and it was a calming and relaxing experience. Visiting one of those temples is cheap, and you can find them around the whole island.

3. Bali Barat national park

This national park is a highly enriching adventure. If you are looking for something different, not many tourists are doing, this is the perfect destination. You should already know how to drive with the motorcycle. Otherwise, it will get extremely challenging. The streets of the national Park are super bumpy, slippery and stony. There is the possibility to rent a guide with a car, but we wanted to get the full adventure feeling. We drove together with one Motorcycle, and our guide drove in front of us. We were able to see all kinds of birds, monkeys, and deers. We also met wild boars and snakes. The ocean around the national park is incredibly blue, and we were able to take amazing pictures. Even though it was more expensive than the other places we visited, it was definitely worth it.

2. Aling Aling waterfall

What would be a trip to Bali without seeing a waterfall? The island has a lot of incredible places to see waterfalls. Some are near the street, and others are in the middle of the jungle. Our favorite one to visit was the Aling aling waterfall. You can follow a path where you can see different waterfalls, and the last one ist the breathtaking Aling Aling. We were the last ones arriving in the evening, which allowed us to be the only ones there. Seeing this majestic nature's creation was a fantastic feeling. Don't miss this beautiful view!

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1. Bukit Kursi Mountain Temple

Swings on the opposite of the Bukit Kursi temple

This mountain is my favorite place in Bali. Bukit Kursi is a temple on the top of a small mountain. The perfect time to get there is a few minutes before sunset. To get to the top, you have to climb a lot of stairs. But when you finally see the view, you'll know why we came here twice (which we usually never do). On top of the mountain stands a temple and two swings swing directly into the sunset. We decided to stay a view hours longer to see the stars, which made us see the Milkyway right above us. This is the most magical place we've seen in Bali.

Those are my top 4 destinations during our trip. We've seen a lot of other places which were also fantastic. If you want another part, please let me know in the comments!

Enjoy your trip,

much love 💗


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