Packing-List Bali 🏝

What we took with us, and what we forgot.

Travelling to an island is always something special. Bali is the perfect example.

Long green rice terraces, uncountable waterfalls and temple are wherever you look. But before you can jump into your next adventure, one thing needs to be done.

To pack your bag for the next journey, can be a small challenge. It depends on the weather, the distance, the clime and much more. Plus: It's not always easy to take the right stuff oversea. What's allowed in your cabin baggage and what in your bag? Oh, and which vaccinations are important?

So I thought: why don't you share your experiences? I decided to make a little packing list for you, to show what we took with us. We also took a lot of equipment with us, but I'm not gonna write down every single object lens etc. because it would be only interesting for photographers, I guess.

Bali Trip Packing-List 🌴 (2 Persons):


☐ 2 big backpacks 🎒

☐ 2 smaller backpacks (cabin baggage)

☐ 1 small bag 👝(for valuables like passport)

☐ 1 small bag (first aid equipment)

☐ 1 small bag (sanitary products)

☐ Vacuum plastic bags (for cltohes etc. to save place)

Big backpack:

We put everything we could into the vacuum bags to save place.

☐ towels

☐ beach towel

☐ t-shirts, tops

☐ bathing suits 👙

☐ underwear

☐ socks

☐ sandals

☐ shorts

☐ dresses

☐ sarong (if you already own one)

☐ warm sweater (it gets cold in north Bali)

☐ breathable long pants

☐ thin jacket

☐ speaker box

☐ guidebook 📘🗺

☐ notebook with pen

Smaller backpack (cabin baggage):

☐ valuables bag

☐ sunglasses 🕶

☐ empty, reusable bottle

☐ electronic devices (laptop, batteries, charger, camera, drone etc.)

☐ refreshing tissue

☐ rain protection (if backpack does not include it)

☐ wallet 👛

☐ snack

☐ flashlight

☐ cap 🧢

☐ tissue 🤧

Valuables bag:

☐ passport 🛂

☐ mobile phone

☐ charging cable

☐ plane ticket

☐ credit card

☐ cash 💵

☐ international driving license (if you want to. rent a vehicle)

☐ informations about flight and first sledding accommodation

☐ copy of your health insurance

☐ earphones

First aid equipment:

☐ wound antiseptic spray (OCTENISEPT)

☐ pressure bandage 🤕

☐ sterile swabs

☐ band aid

☐ healing ointment/gel

☐ charcoal tablets

☐ painkiller 💊

☐ tablets against sickness

☐ medication against malaria

☐ medication against dengue fever

Sanitary products:

☐ toothbrush

☐ toothpaste

☐ small brush

☐ hair ties

☐ shampoo 💆🏻‍♂️

☐ shower gel

☐ shaver

☐ nail scissors

☐ nail file

☐ lady's bag (make-up, period stuff :-), cotton pads, make-up remover, contraceptive)

☐ suncream

☐ anti-mosquito spray 🦟

☐ aloe vera gel (sunburn aid)

☐ contact lenses/glasses

☐ tweezer

☐ sewing kit 🧵

☐ wet wipes

☐ deodorant

To buy on-site:

☐ mask 😷

☐ water can (5 liter)

☐ sarong (scarf for temples)

☐ sim-card with mobile data


It's your own decision, which vaccinations you get for traveling, these are just the most needed suggestions from us. 👩🏻‍⚕️

☐ tetanus ☐ Hepatitis A ☐ rabies ☐ typhus

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"Before you fly" information:

✈ We weren't allowed to take a power bank with us.

✈ Check your vaccination certificate at least a few months before you travel to Bali, to be sure you have the right vaccinations in time.

✈ It depends on the length of your stay if you need a visa or not. Please also check that.

✈ I recommend you to wear good sneakers/trainers during the whole trip. They are perfect for the plane and you can pass the most impenetrable jungle or crest the highest volcano. It's also saver when you drive with a rented scooter or car.

This was basically everything we took with us. You can print this page if you want, to make your own marks ☑. Hopefully, I was able to help you a bit with your preparation! :-)

Enjoy your trip.

Lots of love, 💗