Photowall: bring holiday to your home

Everyone of us is spending more time at home than usual right now. 🏡

Even the last vacation was a long time ago. If you don't want to feel stir-crazy, it's essential to get out and get some fresh air. But even the walks around our apartment are getting tiresome.

So, why don't we bring the holiday to our homes?

Recently, I saw a short report that said that our interior design also affects our mood. I want to use that to our advantage.

First, I started thinking about my perfect vacation. When I think of vacation, I think of mountains, giant green forests, campfires, and campsites. 🌲🏕

What do you think of? Maybe the beach, the ocean and tropical climate?🏝

So for me, it was clear: I want to transform our lifeless bedroom into a small forest. The color green not only has an insanely calming effect on us, it also conveys naturalness and makes me cheerful. I knew that a few pieces of decoration or a picture are not enough for me. I wanted a wallpaper. So I surfed a bit through the Internet to find inspiration. 💭

At this point, I would like to introduce you to a company which caught my eyes.

Photowall is an online store for wallpaper, posters and murals. These are made directly by the company in Skarpnäck, near Stockholm. The designs of Photowall are extraordinary. I've put up many wallpapers before, but none were as high quality and impressive as these.

However, it was not only the variety of designs and the quality that convinced me - Photowall is also actively committed to our environment. Wallpapers and paintings are only produced to order, which means there will never be a production surplus and therefore, materials are saved. Besides, the company uses only biodegradable paint for its products. But the most exciting thing is the cooperation with Vi Agroforestry. Together with this organization, about 5000 trees are planted in eats Africa every year. Impressive, isn't it?

But more about that here: Link

So, I browsed through the product range of Photowall and found some great wallpapers. Honestly, it was hard to decide. But together with my boyfriend, we have chosen the wallpaper "Misty Forest". It was important to me to find a design that touches me emotionally. Something that makes me smile, awakens beautiful memories, and touches my heart. 💚

We measured the walls together and entered the data on the website. Note that you add up to 10 cm to be sure to have enough wallpaper! The package arrived after a few days. 📦

Now we could start with our "Bring holiday to your home" project. Since I already have experience in applying wallpaper, we were pretty fast. But I'll explain to you how! 👩🏻‍🎨

First, we unpacked the wallpaper set (Kit001) from Photowall. We would definitely recommend getting this kit. It makes the whole process simpler.

This set includes everything we need except a bucket and a wet cloth. Even the wallpaper paste is included with the order. 🪣

Then we unpacked the wallpaper and cut it. Unlike other wallpaper companies, they already marked the line where you should cut. That saved us a lot of time. We have adjusted the furniture, taped the floor, mixed the wallpaper paste, and off we went!

After one or two days of drying, the work is done. I think our project "Bring holiday to your home" was a complete success. I have never been so happy to open our bedroom door!

Do you want to start your own project? 😊

Photowall has provided us with an exclusive discount code for you "querencia25". This code will give you a 25% discount on any product (until April 30, 2021)!

You can choose between a wallpaper, poster or painting and personalize your four walls. Can't decide? Here is a list of my favorites:

  • Foggy Forest

  • Blossom

  • Sandy Dunes and Sea

  • Sea sand and waves

  • Red deer Stag

  • Pine Tree Forest at Sunrise

  • White sand Beach

  • Llanddwyn Island Lighthouse

  • Great Wall of China at Sunrise

I wish you all the best, stay save.

Lisa 💕

*This article was created together with Photowall. Our wallpaper was provided to us free of charge by Photowall. *

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