Querencia's Tortilla Wrap 🥑

When I have enough time and energy, I love to cook and try new things out. I'm experimenting for years and already made some delicious creations in the kitchen. I'm definitely not a cook, some came out horrible, and I would never do them again. 

But I think it's fun to stay away from strict guidelines and get creative. Especially wraps are an excellent example of that. Every ingredient can be replaced, so if you don't like something, take another addition. 

Today I want to show you a recipe which has a special meaning to Querencia and me. During our development phase, we had a lot of things to do and lost time for things like healthy cooking and so. That's why I decided to search for healthy food, which I can make fast, without spending over an hour in the kitchen. Tell me if you tried it and how it tasted!

Shopping list:


Tortilla Wraps 🌯

Salad 🥬

Avocado 🥑

Tomatoes 🍅

Corn 🌽

Cucumber 🥒

Cheese (mozzarella or goat cheese) 🧀

chicken breast 🍗

Oil 🌻


Version 1:

Honey 🍯


Version 2:



soy sauce

tomato puree

pineapple juice 🍍

sesame oil

Alright, then now let's wash hands and get started! 👩🏼‍🍳

You'll need a chopping board, a pan or an oven, a few small bowls and a good knife.

Pick a few lettuce leaves from the salad and wash them. For the wrap, I prefer the smaller crispy parts. Thoroughly clean the vegetables under clear water and start to cut them in thin stripes. 

Now take the chicken breast and cut it into bars. If you think the sauce is to blander, you can also spice up the chicken with sweet paprika powder, Salt, Limejuice and pepper. Heat it in a pan with a bit oil until it gets roasted gently. Until the chicken gets ready, let's start with the sauce. I'm usually using a super small bowl or a small glass for that. 

Version 1:

I use 2/3 of Honey and 1/3 of mustard to mix it up. But it's a question of taste how much you'd like to taste the mustard. This sauce is easy to make and tastes really good.

Version 2:

This sauce is a bit harder than the other one. You have to heat the sugar in a small pot until it starts to caramelize. Now cool down the mass with pineapple juice and water to make it less viscous. It should not be too liquid, or your tortilla could soften and disintegrate. Add the soy sauce, sesame oil, tomato puree and the vinegar. You can also add some pineapple pieces. Let the sauce cool down. 

Take the number of Tortillas you want, and take the pan you used for the chicken. I don't add more oil here, I don't like it when the dough gets fatty. Just warm the wrap a bit, don't wait too long because it can get hard and crumbly.

Now put them on a clean surface or a plate. Add a bit sauce on the whole tortilla. Now we are going to add the other ingredients. But consider that you should only put everything in the middle part, so you can still roll the wrap together. The salad is the first layer we are using. Before you add the other ingredients, put some more sauce on the salad. Then it's time for avocado, tomatoes, corn, cucumber and cheese. The last layers are the chicken sticks and the last bit of sauce. Now roll it into a ready to eat wrap.

I already cooked these Wraps many times, and they always get delicious. I hope you also like the recipe!

Enjoy cooking,

lot's of love 💗


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