Meet Veganail: a vegan, cruelty free & 15-free nail polish produced in germany

Since my teenage years, I have used many different nail polish colors and designs. But the older I got, the more I thought about what products I'm actually using. I heard and learned about animal testing, harmful ingredients and lousy working conditions. 🚫So I stopped using products with immoral or dishonest companies behind and also stopped wearing nail polish at all. I kind of missed it, because I was used to it. But our environment, human lives, animals and my own body are definitely more important than having colored nails! 💅🏼

Since I decided to use natural, vegan and animal-friendly cosmetics, I was looking for the perfect products in stores and online. I want to know what I'm using and how it affects my body! 💚

But good, animal-friendly and vegan cosmetic is actually hard to find. From Shampoo, Toothpaste and Body lotion to Make-up and face cleansing- everything I buy needs to pass my ingredients check and has to be vegan and animal-friendly. The hardest product though was to find a nail polish. I found many polishes at the drug store which were sold under natural cosmetic lines, but sadly most of them have really bad quality and, in the end, aren't as natural as they say.

So I'm happy to tell, that I finally found a company named Veganail, which, at least, fulfills most of my requests. To be honest, I'm a really critical shopper and I have to admire that polish can't be as "natural" as I actually want them to be. The only real natural alternative would be a nail oil - which is, of course, transparent. But this brand is way better than those I found in drug stores and during my online researches. But enough from me know, let's see why this company should get way more attention and is worth mentioning on my blog.

I think you already realized that I'm an honest soul. But I still want to mention:

I only recommend products that I use by myself

and stand behind with full conviction.❤️


I first met Veganail on my Instagram Account. They created an ad that appeared between the stories I swiped through and instantly caught my attention. So I started my research ;-) (Yes, I do this a lot - buy less and choose wisely is my attitude!)

Veganail is the Vision of a girl and her father, who decided to start creating vegan, animal-friendly and 15-free nail polish. 🐰It sounded great to me! Vegan and without animal testing is what I'm looking for ...but 15-Free? Never heard of that before!

What is 15-Free? 🔎

Conventional nail polishes contain harmful ingredients such as toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, etc. Have you ever heard of those words before? I think it's kind of shocking how many substances we are using, even daily, without even knowing them and their negative effects.

So, If a polish is “15-Free”, it does not include the 15 most toxic and dangerous substances. 🧪Standard nail polishes you can buy at the drug stores usually are 3-Free, 5-Free or 7-Free.

Means, the nail polish from Veganail does not include the substances you can see on the graphic under "15-Free". I had to google most of them to know what it means, but one thing for sure: it's good that these do not land on my fingers! With nail polish, you actually rub your eyes, wash your face, scratch your skin, cook your food, touch your pet, ... and remember: what's on your body, is somehow in your body. GIRL'S (and Boys too, of course) I'm honest, be careful what you are using!

The products aren't only free of the most toxic ingredients, they are, furthermore, made in Germany and the whole production process is subjected to rigorous quality control.

The polish can be purchased in the Veganail online shop, which sends your order in environmental packages. Yeahj! 😄📦

But for me, it is not only the quality, price and packaging of the product that is important.

The team and the company's philosophy also influence's my decision to purchase something.

As already told before, it's a family business made by father and daughter.

But what really made me hyped, was the fact that with every bought product they spend 1€ to charity. Which, in my opinion, is quite a lot compared to other companies.

But I'm always a skeptic. Many companies say that they spend money on environmental projects or charity, but you actually never know if that really happens, right? I guess that's why they included a little counter on their side, which updates the collected charity profits.

So what can I say about Veganail? The well-integrated team definitely put their heart and soul into this project! 💚🌱

The Products

Veganail sells nail polish in different colors; more shades are already planned. They arrive in a box with a thank you card like the picture above. Till now, they ship for free to Germany and Austria.

But now to the products: I owe a base coat, top coat and two different colors. I would definitely recommend you to use the polish with base and top coat to make sure your nails are protected and to make it last as long as possible.

I need two layers of the light color "Hot nude", but only one of "Sky is the limit".

Nevertheless, the colors are well pigmented though, and the nail polish brush is easy to use.

All in all, a great product with a great team and vision behind. Since I'm always looking for companies I can cooperate with, I decided to ask the veganail team if there's a way to work together. I really want to help them to collect money for charity and reach their fantastic vision.

So I got a -10 % Code for you called "QUERENCIA10" which you can use on your veganail order here. 🥳

Do you know a company that produces natural, vegan and cruelty-free products which you totally adore? I love sharing new products and great companies. 🌿Please comment down below if there's a special brand you think we should write about.

Thank you!



* This article contains affiliate links. If you buy something through these links, we will get a small commission. Of course, you can also purchase the products elsewhere. The links are only suggestions to view the product.*

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